Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan teaches that there is one holy book, the sacred manuscript of nature, the only book that can enlighten the reader. 

Step One: Turn to your self as if you were about to look at a beautiful and unique part of Nature. Go through your body, and look at each part with wonder, as if you were given a great gift. Start with your head and work down to your feet. At each part of the body, look at it and then give thanks to that which gave this part of the body to you. Take your time, valuing and giving thanks for each part of the body. 

Now do the same thing with the mind, looking at each part of the mental domain – for example, the thinking process and the thoughts, the memory, creativity, inspiration – all parts of the mind, and give thanks to the Source, for this whole mental domain. 

Turn toward your feeling heart. Go through the whole domain of feeling – for example, love, and compassion, sensitivity to others, kindness, intuition- all parts of this domain of the feeling heart, and give thanks to the Source, for this whole domain of the feeling heart. 

Turn toward the source of you and your life. Give thanks to the Source, for you and your life. 

Step Two: Go into Nature. Walk through Nature, stopping and looking carefully at what you see, giving thanks. For example, you can go to a park, your back yard, or a forest. You could stop at a tree, looking carefully at each part, giving thanks for each part of the tree and then the whole of it, and then moving on to a rock, or plant, or the way the light falls on a leaf. Or you could go to the beach, doing the same with the sand, the water, the cloud, etc. Give thanks, to the Source, for each small or large part of nature you witness. 

Step Three: Find a place where you can sit for a while in comfort. Find a place where you feel safe and can relax your vigilance. Now let the Source of Nature and all of Nature, all around you, witness you. Be receptive. Let the Source of Nature and all of Nature give thanks for you. 

Do this practice no more than once a day. Perhaps once a week is enough for you. More is not better. Once a month – or once – might be enough for you. 
Let this practice seep into your life. 

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being, United with All the Illuminated Souls, Who Form the Embodyment of the Master – the Spirit of Guidance.