The following Events include group retreats, personal retreats, and ongoing training sessions.

The retreat process offers individuals or groups of people an experience that brings about a deeper communion and awakening in life, a feeling of well being, and also healing. You will work with a carefully trained retreat guide using techniques of meditation, breath, sound, light, magnetism and presence, to soften and deepen the experience of the heart, releasing new energy and vitality into your life. Healing can happen in the body, the mind, and the feelings. It can renew the soul and spirit. It can also affect your relationship with your self, with others, and with all of life. 

What will I do on a healing retreat? When you are on a healing retreat you dedicate a number of days of your life to do healing practices in an intensive manner. You will work with a carefully trained retreat guide, with practices specifically designed for you, in a setting conducive to healing. 

FOR A PERSONAL RETREAT go to CONTACT; Send us a note and we will let  you know where the nearest retreat guides are located.

Healing Service for the World

ongoing, Wednesdays, 12-1:00 pm ET

Dear friends, whoever and where-ever you are, come and join


Praying for those affected by Coronavirus or other maladies.

for all medical and care workers; for our planet; for all in need of healing

– altogether 1 hour

Join us on Zoom, each week with the same link:

Worldwide Times: We recommend that you look up your time using, or a similar time zone converter, to sync up with 12:00 pm Eastern (New York Time).


Looking forward to sharing this with you –

Devi Tide (United States), Sarida Brown (United Kingdom),

Jamila Cranstone-Buckley (New Zealand)

Healing Conductor Training

 —  —

Healing Conductor Training| begins second Saturday of the month starting October 9, 2021|taking registration| 1:30 pm PT This experiential training teaches aspirants the fundamentals of a Healing Conductor in the Healing Activity. Trainees will receive meditative and other experiential practices to develop the healing capacity through the breath, the thought, the glance, the words, and touch. Healing Conductors can offer the Healing Service, classes on healing and they can represent the Healing Activity. This is a one year training. For information contact: Ushi Darena-