Finding One’s Natural Tone

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being, united with All the Illuminated Souls who form the Embodiment of the master, the Spirit of Guidance 

A person interested in healing and transformation is sometimes told to ‘find his/her note’ or find his or her tone. How does one do this? 

“When a person is vibrating his or her own note which is according to his or her particular evolution, then the person is tuned to the pitch for which he or she was made, the pitch in which they ought to be and in which they naturally feel comfortable.”                Pir o Murshid Inayat Khan 
According to Murshid (Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan) you find this tone by: 

Being yourself rather than being changed by others 

He also says: 
“Behind… thought there is a feeling, and it is the feeling which sustains that tone. The thought is on the surface.” 

Practices to find your tone: 

First Practice: 

-Put your attention, your mind, on one quality – for example, love. 
-Hold your attention strongly, intensely, on this quality. For example, with the quality of love, you might think the word love intensely, and then as you are intensely thinking the word love, you might feel a quality, a feeling of love, arising up from the heart (which is the depth of the mind). 

Carefulness in diet, equilibrium, and breathing properly and correctly. 

Standing firm through fear, joy and anxiety 

-Hold your attention on this quality as long as you can without letting your mind or attention waver. Then hold it just a second longer, and then relax. 

Second Practice: 

-Allow you mouth to relax, and make a sound (it sounds like the sound you make as you sigh – like aaaaaa). 
-Relax and let that sound go up and down the scale until you are making sounds that vibrate in the center of your chest, in the area of your heart. 

-Feel as if you are holding something precious, making that sound you might make if holding a small child; crooning to them as they relax/ rest. 

In speaking with Pir Zia about the Sufi Healing Order, he said that the Healing Order is very much like other organizations oriented toward prayer and spiritual healing, with a difference. Like other groups we work with prayer and faith. Additionally, we work with experience.