Walk With Life

Towards the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being, United with All the Illuminated Souls Who Form the Embodiment of the Master – the Spirit of Guidance 

Let’s take a moment to consider what we want to contribute to the vibrations of the vast field of life. Imagine our whole Sufi Healing community, from all around the planet, each of us consciously stepping forward together. 

This month I will share with you a walking practice which supports inner transformation, and also helps in the outer transformation of our world. 

Shahbuddin offered a wonderful spiritual walk class and reminded us of the sacredness of feet. In India it’s the feet of the teacher or guru which disciples and devotees pay homage to. He described walking while focused on the heart centre as a way to transform so that our personality naturally reflects the qualities of our soul. Walk is a natural way to experience the sanctity of being, and remember that each of us is a temple of God 

Warm Up Practice 

Standing, sitting or lying on your back with legs and feet stretched out to feel magnetism of earth flowing into your feet. Bring awareness to your feet, ankles, calf muscles, knees, side of thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings, sacroiliac joints, pelvic bowl and hara. Stretch, till you feel muscles lengthen and soften, allowing blood and energy to move more freely. Take time to inwardly prepare the way for magnetism of earth to flow through your feet, up your legs to the hara, up to your heart and head. Free up your hips and pelvic region so the chi or prana, energy can freely flow from earth into your feet and through your body. Perhaps you might be inspired dance to your favorite music. Shake it up, shake it out! Maybe you prefer, jumping, skipping, walking or moving in ways that increase lightness, spaciousness and flow through your feet, legs and pelvic region. 

Stand or Sit with legs stretched out for two minutes, imagine your are blowing breath through and onto the soles of your feet. Allow sensitivity of the soles and an inner connection with your soles to grow. 

Complete by drawing breath from earth through feet up through body all the way to heart, then head. 

Attuning to the Flow of Life—- a variation of a practice from Pir Zia,  Pir Zia does this practice kneeling. Because we are progressing to a walking practice. If possible try this practice standing or sitting on the earth, with your soles and palms open. 

Attuning to Life: 
Hu…turn head skyward as you…. invoke presence of Ranginui-Sky Father, feel and sense the energy of Sky, Heavens and Beyond flowing to support and move through your being. 

Hu…turn head toward ground as you… invoke presence of Papatuanuku-Mother Earth, feel and sense the energy of Earth an inflow of support as it moves through the soles of your feet and your whole being. 

Hayy….. turn inward toward your heart, your inner most heart…. Feeling and sensing the presence of life moving through your being, let the word Hayy-Life come from the depths of being and resonate throughout your whole body. Perhaps you become aware of cells in your body tingling. 

Walking Practice: 
Part 1. Walk keeping awareness in hara-belly center. Orient toward the spiritual essence of breath, the fine aspect within breath that we often call prana or chi. Remember the growing sensitivity in the soles of your feet. When ready, place the Fikar “Toward the One” on every in breath and “Toward the One” on each out breath. This Walk can be used anywhere anytime, at work, walking to your car, while shopping for groceries. 

Part 2. walk from third eye centre, feel feet meeting ground while awareness is at third eye centre, imagine seeing beyond life, the light of life, infinte vitality and space, feel or sense it in your being, all the way through your body from your feet up. 
When ready place the Fikar “Toward the One” on In Breath, “Toward the One “on Out Breath. 

This walk is best done for a short time with wise discernment as to where and when. 

Part 3. Walk from heart centre, bring awareness to innermost heart. Check your spine is straight, chest out, head in alignment, not forward or back. Walk feeling soles of feet alive, eyes receiving magnetism and connection with life. Hands and arms become a direct extension of heart. Also remember the smiling forehead, the inner countenance of the heart expressed through face. Heart is connection, connection with every cell in your body, connection with spirit of joy within heart and connection with spirit in the life outside of you. 

When ready place fikar “Toward the One” on each in breath attuning to your connection with life and the rhythm in your footsteps. 

Place fikar “United with All” on each out breath experiencing radiance of life in hands, glance, breath, and smiling forehead. (fikar is a thought you put on the breath) 

“Through the All Pervading Life In Space Purify and Revivify Us” 

In gratitude,

Jamila from Aotearoa – New Zealand