The Throne of the Heart


Sometimes when I feel discouraged by the ways our world leaders are governing their territories and conducting business I find myself longing for wiser and more beneficent leaders to better take care of matters. Sometimes I even fantasize about returning to the days of kings and queens, and then I wonder how I would feel and act if I was a king. 

When I notice myself having these types of thoughts I enjoy using them as a reminder to turn towards the ‘throne of the heart’ which allows me to experience myself as a majestic and radiant being. This throne of the heart, a boundless realm unaffected by personal limitations or circumstances, is a most trustworthy, beneficial, and powerful (in the best sense of that word) place from which to breath, see, move, interact, and govern one’s self and one’s realm while glorying in the fantastic, confounding, challenging, beautiful world in which we all participate. 

Resting upon the throne of the heart we rediscover that we need not turn to people, experiences or substances outside ourselves for power, healing, or guidance because the Divine source of light, life and love resides unequivocally inside each of us. The breath is the intimate link between us and the mysterious timeless Source of life, light and glory that pervades and sustains everything. 

Sitting upon the throne of the heart and experiencing one’s innate majesty is not about stroking our egos, feeling superior to others, nor overcompensating for whatever vulnerabilities or insecurities we might have. Instead it is an honoring and coming together of our individual uniqueness as embodied human beings, and our non-personal eternal boundless divine essence. Sitting upon the throne of the heart provides an elevated and somewhat detached but compassionate perspective of ourselves and the world unhampered by our personal baggage or blind spots. 

Here are some ideas to consider as you turn your attention to the Throne of the Heart. Use whatever assists you in connecting with your heart and the deepest essence of your own majestic nature. Take as much time as you need with each part of this practice. Ignore what is not beneficial. If critical or disturbing inner voices get in the way of doing this practice, acknowledge them and set them aside for the time being. Perhaps send them out for recess for a while, or give them a task they might enjoy that does not involve disturbing you at this time. 

Come to this practice with the playful curiosity of a child and the detachment of a wise sage unencumbered by cares, reputation or shame. 

Sit in a posture befitting a King or Queen. 

Call to mind and feel in yourself the essential qualities you would want in the best and most trustworthy king or queen and imagine yourself as this majestic person sitting on your throne. 

Feel your feet on the precious ground, and feel the strength of your spine holding you comfortably erect. 

Connect with That which creates, moves and sustains all of us and the vast universe. 

Allow yourself to find and feel the throne of the heart somewhere in the area behind your breastbone. 

Notice your breath flowing in and out through your nostrils. 

Savor the life, light, and nourishment carried upon the breath into your heart, and into the throne of your heart, and into your mind, and into your soul, and into all the cells of your being. 

Take time here. 

Allow the breath to reveal, kindle and nourish in you whatever is needed for you at this time. 

Notice how being on the throne of your heart affects your physical body, your thoughts, your perspective, your breath, and your emotions. 

When you are ready stand up and take a few steps as this majestic being. See the world around you through the eyes of this king or queen. 

This month, when it comes to mind, continue to notice what it feels like to sit, or walk, or eat, or speak as a king or queen who is sitting on the throne of the heart. Notice what happens when you interact with nature or other human beings from this place. Notice what it is like to be present to your own concerns, troubles, symptoms and challenges from this compassionate radiance of the throne of your heart. 

In love, respect and delight,