Spiritual Healing

Toward the One 
The perfection of love, harmony and beauty, The only Being 
United with all the illuminated souls Who form the embodiment of the Master, The Spirit of Guidance 


Co-creating as a healing activity 

What an absolutely inspiring and glorious time to be alive! We are able to witness more clearly than ever before what it means to be co-creators with the Universal Power which brings meaning and sustenance to our lives. That co-creation is our work. Though we are bombarded with the short view, the obstacles, dangers and mistakes, we can and must, as spiritual healers, manifest the broader view: what exciting opportunities await in our future if we continue to move “Toward the One.” How might we begin? You might do these in one session or separated into segments as you wish. 

First, contemplate the third and fourth Sufi thoughts given to us by Inayat Khan. Do this as long as you like, and don’t be afraid to put the thoughts and your imaginings on your mind throughout the day or even journal: 

There is one Holy Book, the sacred manuscript of nature, the only scripture which can enlighten the reader. 

There is one Religion, the unswerving progress in the right direction towards the ideal, which fulfills the life’s purpose of every soul. 

The manuscript of nature includes humanity and its productions. Our most magnificent achievements have come from a progressively greater understanding of our world and our place in it. Some of our greatest accomplishments continue to come from watching and even copying what we learn by careful natural observations. 

We, and the Universe, are evolving. It cannot be any other way. Stagnation is death and the Universe is not dead! Our direction is “Toward the One;” it is not “at the One” and completed, and is certainly not “behind the One,” regressing. Religion in this context is our “duty,” our “dharma,” not a culturally based set of dogma. It is our duty to move unswervingly forward. 

Second, contemplate humanity’s accomplishments in your own way, sitting and/or again throughout the day. Concentrate, as we are taught as spiritual healers, on how much healthier and more conscious we have become, NOT on the fears and worries which usually beset us. If you must, flash on the latter to satisfy your mind that you are not ignoring these real issues; then do your spiritual practice and bring your focus back to what is positive and what we wish to continue. If you need some help, here are some suggestions: 

We have the ability to feed more and more people; we have an increasing life span; we are integrating various aspects of our understanding into a more holistic view of the world, how it works, and especially healing; we are on the verge of major changes in genetics (what we transmit biologically through our DNA), epigenetics (what controls the expression or inhibition of the genetic material including across generations), wellness and healing from an integrative perspective; we have close to planetary communication and mutual influence; we have the capacity to further improve our way of life and be ecologically wise; we are in an age where our intrinsic, inherited spiritual capacities are manifesting while more restrictive and narrowed cultural barriers against these weaken……and so much more. Insert your own visions of wonder! 

Third, through the use of wazaif, spiritual sounds, align oneself with the Universal Truth which we can only sense and never fully encompass in our limited being. Never think for a moment that we know it all. Invoke the wish and the ability to become true co-creators of a more comprehensive, healing consciousness and a more wondrous universe. Do these aloud as many times as you like; flash on them during the day as well. After the recitation of each pair or triad, follow the directions for the Fikr (on the breath) as long as you like. Sit in the atmosphere you have created at the end of this entire third section: 

Ya Quduus (Holy Spirit), Ya Haqq (Truth): We invoke the Truth of the Divine in our very being; may we be authentic. Inhale Quduus, hold Haqq, exhale with nothing on the breath. 

Ya Batin (inner), Ya Hadi (Guide), Ya Mawjud (existentiating, actualizing): May we actualize divine guidance within life! Inhale Batin, hold Hadi, exhale Mawjud. 

Ya Khaliq (creator), Ya Munnawir (lamp) Ya Mussawir (fashioner): May we co-create, be instruments of the Divine shining in life, and help manifest in our dense world that which is healing. Inhale Khaliq, hold Munnawir, exhale Mussawir. 

Sit in the atmosphere you have created. 

Finally, close your practice with a gift from Murshid Samuel Lewis. With feeling and commitment, recite aloud as many times as you like: 

In unison with the will of God, I will to have peace 

Blessings on your work.

Wadud Henry Cretella