Presence to a Place That Hurts Within

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being, United with All the Illuminated Souls, who form the Embodiment of the Master – the Spirit of Guidance. 

It’s beyond blessing what can happen in the body if one listens to the inner instructions. There is a resource within. It is opened by being present – putting one’s mind on the place that needs healing – with a feeling of willingness or allowing for what is beyond life, and supports, transforms and heals life, to touch one. This is the key that unlocks the human form to reveal the boundless capacity to heal. Then the attention becomes the perceptive scan that focuses or draws the light/life/grace/power that heals. 

Why does one do meditative practices? How do they help? They develop the innate inner capacity to be aware of the subtle. To focus, concentrate, hold steady the attention, which is the door through which healing flows. 

Step one 

Be aware of what hurts in the body, mind heart or soul. Pick something specific and clear rather than a huge ever-present issue in life for practicing this technique until you are satisfied you have mastered this skill. 

Step two 

Remember that which is beyond life and yet supports and sustains all of life. Be aware of its boundlessness. This is what keeps all of life in existence. It is source of the force that grows the plants and animals, moves the wind, transforms a seed into life, and it can heal, rebuild and remake things. Then remember or imagine it in it’s healing form – you might think of a master, saint, a prophet, of grace, mercy, love, or the essence of the elements, or of a glorious vista that transformed you – and open to the possibility that what created all this heals. Opening yourself to receiving something from above/beyond. 

Step three 

Turn your attention to the place that hurts, letting your attention be like a magnifying glass is to the sun, holding the attention steady on the place, and letting the light of healing slide through it, flowing light, life, and soothing and healing to the place you’ve chosen. 

Step four 

Feel that somehow this has offered healing. Go into your day with the mind expecting to notice the subtle and overt changes in your self. 

Step five 

You could say a prayer that is meaningful to you, for healing. Here is one: 

Beloved Lord, Almighty God Through the rays of the sun, Through the waves of the air, Through the all-pervading life in space, Purify and revivify me, and I pray, Healing my body, heart and soul. Amen 

Remember, you can translate the words of a prayer so that you receive the intention behind the words – for example use the word Universe instead of God if this helps you to orient to that which heals.