Recently, NASA’s Juno probe went into orbit around Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, and the one with the greatest magnetic field. This sparked my interest in offering this e-class on magnetism. 

Earth’s magnetic field is weak, but strong enough to protect our planet from damaging cosmic electromagnetic waves from the sun by deflecting them. 

During solar magnetic storms, satellites, electric systems including grids in cities, and radio/TV/wireless transmission can be disrupted. Sometimes people report symptoms of headaches, difficulty concentrating, or dizziness during periods of increased solar electromagnetic flares. Research is being done to clarify effects of magnetic fields on living beings. It is known that some birds, fish and reptiles have magnetic-sensitive cells in their bodies used in navigation systems, etc. None have been definitively identified in primates (including humans) yet but there is some promising research. 

Sufi and other healers have talked about humans’ magnetic fields being aligned with the earth’s, and have used magnetism practices to heal illness. The magnetism described here may not be identical with electromagnetism in the universe. Today’s class will offer wazaif (names of the Divine) for developing each level of magnetism as described by Hazrat Inayat Khan: physical, mental, heart, spirit and soul. The suggested wazaif were not in HIK’s original paper. 


Magnetism can be explained as affinity, which has power of attraction, it attracts its own element. ..It is the power of this affinity which has held the whole universe together… Had it not been for this affinity, the whole universe would have broken to pieces. The stronger part attracts the weaker, and that is why God, the One and Only Power of this affinity, is considered as the Beloved because He attracts all to Himself. 

The reason why the magnet attracts the steel is because it has the element of steel within it, as well as more energy… God is the center of attraction for the whole world, and its proof is no other than His independence and remoteness. Abstinence, seclusion, silence, concentration, perseverance, perfection, dignity, self-respect, modesty, thoughtfulness, gentleness, mildness, meekness, and cheerfulness, all these help personal magnetism. 

The law of attraction has much to do with the principle of harmony…Magnetism is either inherited or developed. In both cases it is energy, from which magnetism is created by balanced development. If a person has magnetism as an inborn attribute, it is a great assistance to him in his spiritual progress; if it is not innate it takes much effort to cultivate it. Yet everybody has power of magnetism to a greater or lesser degree. 

There are five aspects of magnetism, which manifest through the various planes of existence. 

1) Physical magnetism which depends upon the physical system, the circulation of the blood and a balanced development of the muscles together with cleanliness of the body both internally and externally, and the refinement of movements, pose and posture. During childhood the freshness of the body together with innocence has attraction and during youth its development is attractive, during middle age the cultivation of mind has the power of attraction. But in old age, neither freshness nor development of the body remains the same, nor does the power of mind. If then there is any attraction it is only the illumination of the soul which has a great magnetic influence over man’s surroundings. If this is absent, then nothing remains for him in life, and he becomes a burden both to himself and others. 

[[DO YA NUR-YA HAYY (Divine Light—Life Force) 11 times]] 

2) Mental magnetism, which depends on the power and harmony of thought. This can be obtained by being fully absorbed in beautiful and harmonious thoughts, and by suppressing all irritable tendencies, such as anger, passion, greed, attachment, jealousy and pride. .. 

[[DO YA ALIM-YA MUBIN (Intelligence—Divine Clarity) 11 times]] 

3) Magnetism of heart is a still greater and more miraculous magnetism. If the heart is tuned properly by kindness and love then magnetism itself gushes out and attracts every being coming in contact. .. 

[[DO YA RAHMAN – YA RAHIM (Mercy – Compassion) 11 times]] 

4) Spiritual magnetism is produced in man when he, at the command of his own will, becomes absorbed in the abstract, making his senses controlled and inactive, enjoying the undertone of the universe on which all the music of the universe is based. When he views the light of God within himself the forms of this world are nothing but its shadows. … Thus he rejoices in ecstasy and feels one with the whole universe, harmonious with friend and foe, tolerant to good and bad alike, innocent towards high and low. This state of ecstasy then attracts just like an electric current all who may come in contact with him either consciously or unconsciously. 

[[DO YA AZIM (ecstasy, universal emotion) 11 times]] 

5) Divine magnetism is still greater. It does not only attract man, but both beasts and birds, Paris, Houris, Jinns and Angels. Even things are attracted by it. For the person becomes the center for all attraction. To this thorough perfection a person can only come by renunciation and annihilation of the individual self… 

[[DO YA QUDDUS (Holy Spirit, catalyst of life) 11 times]] 

[[NOTE: most people can connect with physical, mental and heart magnetism. Dedicated practioners may connect with spiritual magnetism. Only very advanced practitioners can reach the level of soul <> magnetism, so don’t feel bad if you don’t J ]] 

Thank you to ALIA YAGER, MD