Joining in the Transformation of Life

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being, United with All the Illuminated Souls Who Form the Embodiment of the Master – the Spirit of Guidance 

It is easy to look at the world today and wonder how one person can possibly help the Whole move through the process of transformation we are experiencing. 

I’d like to give you some simple things you can do. 

If you practice one of these things regularly you will help to diminish the strife in the world. 

If you practice two of these things regularly, you will be joining in with the large number of people who are turning the flow of life to a new direction. 

If you do all three of these things regularly, you will become a beacon of lightness, transformation and healing. 

Before doing anything, link in with the Source of All – weather you call this Life, the Universe, Nature, God – let your self connect. 

The Divine Light Illuminates my life’s path. I live, move, and have my being in God (the Divine/Universe/Love/Nature etc). 

1- Watch your thoughts. If a thought about the world comes up, assume that this is the way the Divine is asking you to help the situation or person. Assume you have an inner ‘phone line’, always connected to the Source of Healing, and ask that this that just came to your mind, be healed or transformed or helped. Then assume that you have been answered and go on to the next thing in your life. 

2- Watch your feeling heart. If you find that something has struck your heart deeply, assume that which has struck you deeply has asked for someone to notice – to care. Assume you have an inner ‘phone line’, always connected to the Source of Healing, and ask that this thing that just touched your heart be healed. Then, as if those ones were in the room with you, say aloud to them that you have heard and have prayed for them/asked for help. Send love and lightness. It is helping. Then go on to the next thing in your life. 

3- Notice what comes to you that needs change. If something comes to you – assume you are always connected to the Source of Healing. Imagine that the situation is different. See it clearly in the new way, as if the new way is made of light. Then let the new way superimpose itself on the old, and take over. Give thanks and then go on to the next thing in your life as if it is done. 


Remember that you are not doing the healing when you are linked in to the Divine Source. Trust. 

After doing any of the 3 things above, you must move your mind and heart on to something else, as if the problem is over. Don’t dwell. 

If something comes to your mind, heart or experience again, do the process again. Then go on. If you find yourself obsessing or worrying if it helped, stop the practice and ask for help for yourself, to grow in faith. Be passionate in your asking. Then go on in your life. Trust that it is working. 

Quotes that might help: 

“Thy light is in all forms, Thy Love in all beings.” 

“Come back to where you once belonged.” 

“Patience is a virtue.” 

“The light of God is kindled in this house/place/world. God’s atmosphere is spreading here. And God’s Divine Being illuminates this dwelling.” 

“Oh Thou, the Maker, Molder and Builder of the Universe, Build with Thine Own Hands the Universel, Our Divine Temple of Love, Harmony and Beauty.” 

“Thy Thought Giveth me unearthly Joy, Thy Light Illuminateth my life’s path, I follow in Thy Footsteps which lead me to the eternal goal.”