Healing Life and Humanity and Self

Humanity is at a crossroads. One wonders how we can we help humanity at this time, and also how to help this planet. We hear so much about global warming, ecological crisis and human crisis. It can be overwhelming. 

Pir Vilayat spoke often toward the end of his life about our ability to co-create our wider world, and not just our world but also to co-create beauty among ourselves. We are each free to respond to this call. 

At this time in the world we have an opportunity to participate in healing and awakening on a grand scale. We have an opportunity to help in this birthing process of the Mother. We, as part of her, can help by opening a new communication, a new experience of life. We can do it in a few ways. 

As with all great leaps in consciousness the real shift happens at the ‘grass roots’, in the nitty-gritty of life and one’s experience of Self, and filters up to the larger whole. 

Practices to transform life – Do with consciousness, intention and attention: 

-See the earth as a beautiful and sacred place. When you notice something that needs attention (trash on the sidewalk, weeds that need pulling, a scene of beauty that could be acknowledged) attend to the need. Do this at least three times a day. 

-See your life as a sacred experience. 

-Offer your body those things that will give it strength, ease, rhythm, balance, energy. Do this three times a day. 

-Experience your thoughts as contributing to the health and healing of humanity, and your self. Offer yourself kind thoughts, positive expectations, clarity, lucidity, ease, balance. With consciousness and conscience, do this three times each day. 

-Notice your feelings. Notice your need. Offer yourself a gentle acceptance, giving space for your inconstancies and also giving guidance to yourself – allowing yourself a new way to be. Allow love and kindness in your life, and boundaries, and enough space to unfold. Give yourself structure as well as patience. Do this three times each day. 

Offer a kind word, helpfulness to others. Expect the best of others, and allow space for whatever comes. Do as often as you like.