Healing e-class on Protection

  Toward the One 

The Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, 

     The Only Being 

    United with All the Illuminated Souls 

Who Form the Embodiment of the Master 

         The Spirit of Guidance 

Healers protect themselves so they can more effectively live and perform their spiritual work.  Here are some suggestions, primarily from Murshid Samuel Lewis, with some additional practices some of us have found helpful for protection. These practices come from an advanced class on spiritual healing. It is a never-ending process! 

From Murshid Sam: 

“… when a mureed unjustly criticizes another or gossips of another or attacks another, I am doubly pained. It is finished. Not all your excuses one to another or to your Murshids and Khalifs and Sheikhs can repair the damage. God is Love and Mercy and Forgiveness, and each of you through sincere repentance can be pardoned by your Lord, but one thing remains, the pain in my heart because of the disciples’ words and acts.  That is why there is need to concentrate on Pir-o-Murshid when under discipline.” 

“ So if you concentrate on Pir-o-Murshid, make it not an exercise of a few minutes at night or in the morning only. If you wish to really concentrate on Pir-o-Murshid, look at your fellow mureed and then concentrate.” 

Practice: Do not gossip; also, do not fall into a spiritual bypass!  Learn to problem solve with respect; and to control one’s thoughts and feelings both in the presence of others and in their absence. 

Protecting the Body 

From Murshid Sam: 

“… you have two weapons in your hands: Precaution and control of your breath.” 

Practice from Murshid Sam: “By precaution I mean the whole of your daily life, the establishment of rhythm, order and system in all things, the use of natural foods, abstinence from heavy foods and condiments made from vinegar and products of decomposition. There is no fixed rule in this, only general laws.” 

Practice from Murshid Sam:  Breath: “If you do not feel well first get rhythm in your breath and practice Darood, inhaling and exhaling “Toward the One” a number of times. If there is pain or indisposition, after your breath is in rhythm, instead of mentally thinking “Toward the One” with each inhalation and exhalation, think mentally Ya Shaffee with each inhalation and Ya Kaffee with each exhalation, but be sure the breath is in rhythm first.” 

General Protection in various situations 

From Murshid Sam: 

“The choice of Wazifa or sacred phrase selects the atoms. Getting the breath in rhythm corresponds to starting the radio, and the choice of Wazifa is the selectivity, choosing the vibrations and wave-lengths needed. This is very important.” 

Practices from Murshid Sam: 

“ My first general exercise in Self-Protection is Darood, which is to breathe rhythmically with the mind on these words: “Toward the One” with each exhalation and inhalation. This practice can be done always, asleep or awake, night or day, alone or in the crowd. It can easily be done without attracting any attention. The number of breaths does not matter, but the maintenance of rhythm is most important. … “Toward the One” it also brings self-surrender, for the thought is another than the self. In this way you not only keep in harmony with yourself, but protect yourself so that others cannot bring you inharmony. So it is a great protection.” 

When in a very difficult situation from which one cannot leave:  Allah hu Akbar on inhalation and exhalation. 

When in a great, already harmonious situation one wishes to deepen even more: Ishk Allah Mabood Allah on the inhalation and exhalation. 

Thank you,