Toward the One, the perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the only Being, United with all the illuminated souls, who form the embodiment of the Master the Spirit of Guidance 

The following has been gathered from the teachings of Pir-o-Murshid Inayaat Khan on the subject of faith. 

Faith is trust, even in the absence of reason. 

The first lesson to be learned is to have faith in oneself. Faith means self- confidence. 

Faith is the secret of the whole creation, the secret of all success that can ever be attained in life. 

What is our purpose? That desire, our desire, our inclination, which is constantly at work in our mind. That is our purpose. 

Faith is the secret of fulfillment or non-fulfillment of every thought. 

When there is faith, there is no thought about whether there are any means for the desire that has entered ones mind, or whether there are no means. 

There was a preacher who went into a small village. He taught the simple villagers that if you have faith you can walk on water. (He felt they could not understand sophisticated teaching but they could understand this). A villager was so taken by the teaching he invited the preacher to dinner. They made a day for the dinner to happen. 

The day came, and as they walked to the man’s house they came to a small river. There was no boat to cross and the preacher commented on this. The man said he listened to the teaching of the preacher, and tried it, and found that there was no need of a boat if one repeated the word (Iman – faith). 

The teacher was so moved (he could not walk on water) that he became the pupil of the man.