Dhikr of Sound Using Vowel Sounds

Toward the One, the perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the only Being, United with all the illuminated souls, who form the embodiment of the Master the Spirit of Guidance 

…The wise considered the science of sound to be the most important science to use in every condition of life: in healing, in teaching, in evolving, in accomplishing all things in life. It is on this foundation that the science of dhikr (zikar) was developed by the Sufis, and that the Yogis made mantrashastra. By dhikr is not meant one particular phrase: by dhikr is meant a science of words. 

Pir –o – Murshid Inayat Khan We’ll use the head motions of the Sufi Dhikr, and also sound, meaning, and feeling. 

Start with the head turned to the left shoulder. Move your head down and around until it has made a circle passing the left knee, the right knee, the right shoulder and stop as it is facing up. As the head makes this motion feel as if it is passing through a gentle breeze that extends far around you, and say the sound of that breeze. Use vowel sounds. Remember/feel, as if this is a sound of the Divine Nature/the Mother/the living Universe. 

Let the head drop down, with the attention pointing to the solar plexus, making the sound Hu (whoo), letting that sound come from above you, feeling as if that which creates all life is somehow breathing the source of life/light/love into you. Let this sound touch the solar plexus and fill your body, your being. 

Let your head rise a bit, and turn your attention to your heart. Take a moment to be aware of the all-pervading light within you. 
Feel the vibration of this practice converge in the heart, remembering your purpose, your heart’s yearning, the ‘calling need’ in life. Make the sound that helps you step fully in to your life, to feel you have the tools needed and can somehow make a difference. 

As with all spiritual practices, more is not necessarily better. Do this Dhikr the correct number of times for you, not exceeding 11 cycles. 

A Thought: 
I once asked Pir Vilayat ‘what is the largest thing that keeps people from progressing on the path. Without even a pause he said “it’s low self-esteem”. How does low self esteem show itself? Through a person’s inclination to judge themselves – ‘why do I always do this, I should have done it that way, how come I never…’ Low self-esteem also shows itself in ones inclination to judge others. To measure oneself against others, to be wondering how one stands on the scale of good, better best – or on the spiritual path, how one stands on the scale of holy, holier, holiest. Perhaps among us we can relax, and decide we don’t need to do this with each other. Perhaps our commitment to each other will be to value and support each other in friendship.