Development of Healing Power

Oh Thou, the Light of all souls, the Life of all beings, the Healer of our hearts, All-Sufficient and All-Powerful God, the Forgiver of our shortcomings, free us from all pain and suffering and make us Thy instruments, that we may in turn free others from pain and suffering, and we may impart to them Thy Light, Thy Life, Thy Joy and Thy Peace.
 Amen.        Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan 

The following is also from the teaching of Inayat Khan. I am sharing it with you as part of the development of healing capacity. First use this practice to heal yourself. Over time you may find your heart relaxes and begins to overflow. You feel more at ease in life. Your energy develops until you look upon others with equality, respect and kindness. At this time you might use this practice in service to the world. 

I would like to tell you something about the healing breath. 
Some mureeds, those who desire to be healed by doing practices, may be taught to make a Fikr of YA SHAFFEE – YA KAFFEE, inhaling and exhaling, repeating it mentally, and to direct their breath to the part of the body which needs to be healed. 
This is not only a teaching for healing, but this is a general teaching, that every adept who seriously studies and practices Sufi exercises, must be able to consciously direct his/her breath to the painful part. It will require at least six weeks, or sometimes three months, to be able to feel breath touching the painful part in the body. 
The best way of doing this exercise is to consciously direct first to the feet, to the bottoms of the feet, because the bottoms of the feet are sensitive. When one is able to direct the breath to both bottoms of the feet, then next thing would be to direct the breath to both palms of the hand, and when that is done, then to direct the breath towards the forehead, and when (that) is done, then to practice to direct to the solar plexus. 
When these practices are mastered, then the adept becomes a controller of breath. Then s/he can operate the breath in any part of the body which needs healing. 
 This practice must be done lying down, and first thing in the morning. Many who seek true health and cure will be helped by it. It is not only that, but it is a tuning of the body. It brings about a desirable condition of health.” 
Here are some clues that might help you develop and deepen this practice over time: 
1. Begin by touching the part that you will have your breath touch. Blow the breath softly but firmly in this direction. Feel it, or imagine it, touching the location. Do this each day until you can feel the breath touch the area. 

2. The next phase is to feel the location that you would have the breath touch. As you breathe out, breathe gently. Let the breath touch that location. Feel the breath as a breeze flowing over and into the location. 
3. Now become aware of the source of all breath, the creator and sustainer of all life, and gently place your attention on the location where you are working. 
 Breathe in Shafee letting the Divine healing power flow to this place.
 Breathe out Kafee, letting the Divine ability to transform and renew and rebuild anything, flow to this place. 
You are the one who is grateful, feeling/letting that part of your body receive what it needs.