Awakening the Warrior – Conscience

Toward the one, the perfection of love, harmony and beauty, the only being, united with all the illuminated souls who form the embodiment of the master – the spirit of guidance 

You will find that your development as a human being and as a healer has much more effect when you have soundness of conscience in your thoughts, feelings, actions, and also the results of your actions. When you feel that you are doing the right thing, when your faith is in the Divine Will and result, when your desire is for the best for another – then you will find success. 
In life, and in healing, ability depends upon conviction or faith. Conviction depends upon a feeling of openness, free flow, and ease within oneself. 
The practices of conscience are the practices of the inner warrior. Success, and the experience of healing is not for the faint of heart. 

The practice: 
During your day, if you are doing or saying something that is incorrect – if your conscience is uncomfortable or there is something in you that is squirming inside – instead of trying to justify it and continue, stop and change. Even if it means stopping in the middle of a sentence or an action, stop, and do or say that which is true. 

For those who would like an advanced practice: 
This practice will help you to live in a peaceful state, to be able to hold another in your heart, to hear another’s story, to allow the Divine presence to meet you where you are, or to allow healing to happen unaccountably. 

The Practice: 
1-Uncompromising honesty with oneself – be able to make a decision against one’s self-interest when it is necessary. 

2-Speak with a balance of truth and compassion 

3-Trust in God. 

A very advanced practice: 
This practice develops a serene peaceful state in which one has overcome grudges, resentment, frustrations, and disenchantment. 
-Align one’s intention, expectation, thought, words and deeds 

“I see the drama, and the cruelty, the ignorance, the vanity, the greed, the grossness, the vulgarity, and the decadence… I see humans destroying themselves out of despair for having lost contact with the reality of their own being, like a system working within itself out of hatred, despondency. I see the rescue operation of those who share that compassion and in whom the Divine magnanimity has responded by acts of compassion. That’s much more important than awakening; it is the ultimate expression of awakening. The issue is not the waking of consciousness; it is the awakening of conscience. That’s not the awakening of the mind; it’s the awakening of the emotion of the heart.” 
Pir Vilayat