Accommodation for Healing the Earth

What can we as spiritual practitioners and healers do to focus on the extreme challenges that face our planet? 

What is our personal and collective responsibility? How can we apply spiritual principles to the dilemmas that face us as we encounter the seemingly inevitable changes appearing in weather, soil, crops, life forms and the elements around us? 

These are questions that are much on my mind and I am searching for ways to work effectively in my own life to find pathways to responding to the truth of these challenges. There are various levels in which we can work to help create and magnetize an accommodation that fosters collective planetary healing and protection. 

On the physical and material level, we can find lifestyle changes that work for us as individuals and communities, such as limiting consumption, recycling, reusing, buying second hand goods rather than new items, thinking carefully about our energy usage, supporting local business, subscribing to consumer supported agriculture, joining and supporting organizations working to address real problems, and so forth. 

At the heart level, we can look at how we engage our emotional being. Do we allow ourselves to wallow in destructive emotions? Are we adding to or reducing the conflict, anger or deceit that floats around in the atmosphere? What choices can we make that contribute to the collective good and limit the harmful effects of our random responses? 

There are many invitations to fear, anger and hopelessness in everyday life. The spiritual practitioner and healer may wish to consciously counteract these opportunities with practices that help build and develop an accommodation for healing and positive change. 

Conquering fear 

Releasing anger 

Building hope 

Creating an accommodation/ Magnetizing the accommodation