A Meditation to Set You Free

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being, 

United with All the Illuminated Souls who Form the Embodiment of the Master- 

The Spirit of Guidance 

Let freshness flow through you, noticing and greeting its source. Notice the symphony of sound, letting yourself be touched by it, letting the glory of it flow through you. Greet the source of all sound. Receive from the light around you. Realize from where all light is coming and greet the source of all light. Notice nature in its varied forms, all around. Greet the source of that natural world.  Allow something of the source of sound, freshness, light, nature to be received into your body, and your being. 

Perhaps there is something in you that resonates with the source of All, recognizes that source. Perhaps you feel, open to, or imagine something of that infinite love, life, light, beauty, mercy, touching you. Feel the subtle flow of the nature of miracles. Open yourself to receiving something beyond your imagination and yet exactly your heart’s desire, your soul’s yearning at this time, the answer to a desperate call or perhaps even an unexpected blessing born of love. 

There is a phrase of Inayat Khan, “Pour thy divine blessing upon my path.” Let that flow of freshness, sound, light, love, just what you need at this time, flow through you.  Be open to it, be subtle enough to not even feel it or strong enough to notice the course of its movement. Both are correct, and also something else. Use the tool of willingness, or openness, to infuse it through your breath, a touch of love or something else through the breath, a touch of light, or life or just what you need through the breath,  infusing your glance, thought, words, even into your skin, feet, hands, fingers, touch. 

Let that healing flow, transforming doubt, awakening trust and faith.  Let it touch something you’ve been yearning for, as a small seed sprouting, coming up through the ground of your being, heart and soul, a new flowering of just what you need at this time, unexpected and yet, a blessing of love. 

Perhaps you notice a new tingling in your skin or the breath of life around you, or a new flow of awake-ness in your listening. The ancient Sufis, and the native peoples, hear messages in the songs of the birds, the flow of the air, the filtered light of sun, the awakening of a new day. The wise ones read the book of nature, letting it offer light, and a new meaning in their life. 

Let yourself be new – be free.   – Do as often as you wish 

by Devi Tide