A Blessing for the World

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, 

the Only Being 

United with All the Illuminated Souls who form the Embodyment of the Master- 

the Spirit of Guidance. 

Healing takes place as you work with energy, conviction, Divine Power and Love.  If you are overloaded with impressions you lose your sense of who you are – and you loose your self esteem.  Meditation and spiritual practice help dissolve unwanted impressions by awakening dormant faculties in your body and mind. 

The energy generated by conscious use of impressions becomes the beginning of a creative path.   In this way the meditation and spiritual practice you do becomes a generator of healing and transformation. 

Here is a practice that you can do each day. 

Imagine yourself strong and healthy.  Perhaps you can feel the energy of your ‘strong and healthy’ self.  Imagine your self stretching and smiling and feeling radiant with light and life energy. 

Now imagine this strong and healthy self so radiant that your environment is somehow more vibrant and ripples of life force are going out into the world in the way that ripples flow out from a stone thrown into a lake. 

Let this strong and healthy self superimpose itself over you, and seep into your being, infusing you with new life and vibrant energy, taking over your cells with an infusion of universe energy, and power and divine light and Love. 

Sit in this experience, letting it become more real. 


Open your eyes, maybe with gratitude and an expectation that this will change a lot of things for you. 


In this way you learn to radiate light like the sun, energy and joy, and love.  It will transform your body and mind, and also be a boon to the world. 

May your coming month be blessed.