The Akido Moment

Healing e-class
2017 Class #3

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being
United with All the Illuminated Souls who Form the Embodyment of the Master –
the Spirit of Guidance

“… if by being on one’s guard, instead of resisting evil one would only slide
it over, it would run away by its own force.” (Inayat Khan, Vol. XIII, Gathas:
Everyday Life; Gatha II; part VI)

In the Hindu tradition, the god Shiva, also represented as Kali, is the
destroyer who clears the way for new creation. Many of us chant and dance “Om
namo Shivaya!” and joyously call on this sacred energy of transformation. In
the Sufi tradition, the energy of destruction is described as chaotic. Though
it can “shake things up” to allow room for innovation, we are warned that its
continuation is destructive.
We have consciously or unconsciously invoked Shiva (remember Mahdiah’s class
from February about our contribution to the collective shadow) and the
destructive energy is here! We were successful; but perhaps not in the way we
wished or expected. It is time to work on transformation.
We have three choices: passively suffer through, ineffectively fight, or as
referenced by Inayat Khan and expertly used in the martial art of akido, adapt
and manipulate for a greater good. In Sufi language, this is creating an
accommodation for the rhythm of inspiration to emerge but without as much
destruction and pain as the other two alternatives.
Obviously, we need practice. Fortunately, we have innumerable opportunities.
The present felt chaos is such a one. The spiritual practices this month
involve our whole being – body, heart, mind and soul. This integration is what
will heal and transform.
1. Free movement/dance to an energetic and preferably (for
you) a difficult, unlikable piece of music. Find the more pleasing, adaptable
rhythm or sound embedded within the music; trust that it is there and let the
rest “slide by.” Feel and move, let your heart and body do the discovering.
Maintain the rhythm once you find it. Feel it in your body and heart and only
then let your mind concentrate on your experience. Who knows, you may notice a
nugget in there you never knew existed!
2. If you prefer not to dance, you can do this sitting and
listening; but let your body be free. It will find what it needs if you don’t
fight or give in to emphasizing your dislike. You will notice parts of your
body wanting to move. Let them. You may wish to vocalize. Do it. Only
engage your mind after this if you like.
3. Find a partner: dance together as in ballroom dancing
though you need not be trained in this. You must physically hold each other
while dancing. Traditionally, one takes the lead, the other follows. Begin
this way. Use music you enjoy. At some point, switch leads. Then at a third
point, drop the assigned roles and follow each other, at times one leading, at
times the other, but without deciding in words or with thought. Just feel and
intuit. Have fun. This trains you to feel energy, move with it and use it to
create something flowing, harmonious and beautiful
4. “Push hands”: this is a tai chi practice for
partners. Face each other, knees slightly bent, back of both hands gently
touching the back of your partner’s hands (don’t cross hands; it should be
right hand of one touching the left hand of the other and the left of one
touching the right of the other). Begin moving hands but hands must always
maintain contact! Each person feels the movement of the other and moves with
the energy, subtly directing or following it. Do not move your feet; but you
may move your body (sway, twist, etc.). In martial arts, the goal is to sense
the partner’s energy and use it so they lose their balance – not through force,
but through their own energy being used to affect them. Likewise your goal, as
is theirs, is NOT to overcommit your energy and thus be thrown off balance.
After a while, do this with your eyes closed. Push hands requires subtlety.
Hint: control your breath and feel/sense your partner’s breath. This again
develops sensitivity to energy and rhythm and teaches us to let the energy move
past us. In the process, we learn to keep centered and balanced. This ancient
practice is a somato-energetic version of Christ’s teaching to “turn the other
cheek,” and Inayat Khan’s teaching on “rising above.”
5. Wazifa practice: Ya Wahabo (flow). Often, we
contemplate the flow of generosity when we invoke this energy. In this
practice, just focus on the feeling of “flow,” of gentle movement. After
repeating it aloud, intone it silently several times as you exhale.
6. Element Practice: Water element breath: walk in a
flowing, gentle manner; focus on exhaling through the left nostril, downward
and to the left. Add your hands, starting with them above your head to the
right, gently flowing downward and to the left. You are impressing yourself
with the ability to consciously flow with and move energy.
7. Now bring your greater attunement into everyday life.
In your spiritual practice, can you feel the energy of your prayers or
mantra/wazaif, catch their rhythm, see beneath the surface, let distractions
go? In your daily interpersonal relations, can you become more aware, stay
more balanced, sense the energy in your and the others’ breath, harmonize
rather than fight, or let the other expend their energy while you remain
relatively calm? All spiritual practice is practical. In our era, we learn to
concentrate, contemplate and meditate so we then can incorporate attunements
into our everyday life – realization.
And Shiva will lead to Brahma and then Vishnu – to the energy of inspiration
and creation, and then that of maintenance and sovereignty. Out of chaos, we
will have helped heal the pain and create something new and full of splendor,
perhaps as Pir Vilayat taught, “a beautiful world of beautiful people.”
Thank You to Rev. Wadud Henry Cretella, M.D.



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Every Word Has Power

There is great power in words, of which we are often unmindful. Every word ripples out into the world and produces a distinct effect.  An alphabet is a spectrum of sounds. The mystics of ancient times perceived that certain combinations of syllables produced powerful effects on the subtle body and minds. These words are known, in Sanskrit, as mantras.   Pir Zia Inayat-Khan  from the newly published book Dynamics of Healing Volume 4 The healing Power of Sound that can be found in our store

A Healing Message for the Planet


How do we contribute to the awakening that will shift the way we live together so that we may not only survive but thrive?  Ancient knowledge and practice can be incorporated into the life of the modern person to foster the awakening that must occur at this time.  Some indigenous people say that the “great turn” has already happened, and what we need to do is focus on what is emerging in our relationship with each other, the world and Life itself, to keep it going.   Alliances with South American tribes have sent communications to awaken western societies to the destruction of the earth that has taken place in the last two centuries (or more) and to encourage us to awaken from the dream of consumption and waste.  In late summer and early fall 2014, a small group of friends traveled to New Zealand and throughout the American Southwest, eventually reaching watershed moments at the Climate March in New York City.  These efforts continue as we form new linkages and connections across continents and oceans.

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Sign of Awakening

Pir Vilayat’s notes in his San Mallo retreat:

The sign of awakening is that upon every person and upon every object the wakened person throws a light, a light of his or her soul, and sees that object, that condition, in that light. It is one’s own soul that becomes a torch in one’s hand, it is one’s own light that illuminates one’s path. It is just like throwing a searchlight upon dark corners which one did not see before, and the corners become clear and illuminated again. It is like throwing light upon problems that one did not understand first, it is seeing with x-rays, persons who were a riddle before.


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