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Pir Zia


Sarafil Bawa blessed our Quarterly Newsletter with the name “Fragrant Gold” during the Healing Retreat in Richmond.

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“For Every Disaster There is A Reconstruction”

Greetings friends,
This month I am grateful to share the new moon practice from Amat-un-Nur, Vice President of Kinship and a Shifiyat f the Healing Order. I am writing this from Zaatari a refugee camp in Jordan where disaster and reconstruction live hand in hand. In the middle of the heartbreak, despair, and trauma that is present in every conversation and glance, people are quick to give their love and joy and it is clear that these are the foundations for the reconstruction here.
May we all feel the magnetic power of pulling together in the reconstruction of our world.
Thank you dear Amat-un-Nur.
With love,

In his Social and Religious Gathekas, Hazrat Inayat Khan speaks of ‘World Reconstruction’. I share his words here with you:
“What is construction, what is reconstruction? A construction is that which is made already. A child born is a construction. But after a disorder in the health or in mind, there comes again a need of reconstruction. In the English language there is an expression: “To pull oneself together.” The reconstruction of the world today means for the world to pull itself together. The education, the political, the social condition, the financial condition, religion, all those things which made civilization, seem to have scattered and in order for these things to come together there must be a secret of life to be studied. What is the secret of healing power? The secret is to make oneself strong enough to pull oneself together. And that is the secret of the life of the mystic. The world has lost its health, and when one can picture the world as an individual, one can see what it is to lose one’s health. It is just like illness in the life of an individual. And as for every illness there is a remedy, so for every disaster there is a reconstruction.”
We live in an era of complexity and this has forced a kind of scattering upon our lives and our beings. Humanity is finding it harder and harder to maintain unity and togetherness. The ancient Hermetic Emerald Tablet says, ‘The structure of the microcosm is in accordance with the structure of the macrocosm’. Man and the universe are in a mutually impacting relationship. Our world reflects our state and we reflect the state of the world. It is not difficult to see the myriad ways in which the world is suffering: pending ecological disaster, nations in conflict and rising antagonism, threatening natural upheavals, political and economic breakdowns, social and cultural degradation, moral depravity, increasing health hazards, and the list can go on.
As Murshid points out, ‘Where there is harmony, rhythm, regularity, cooperation, there is harmony, there is sympathy. The health of mind, therefore, and the health of body depend upon the preserving of that harmony, upon keeping intact that sympathy which is going on in mind and body.’

For the restoration of world health and individual well-being, it is necessary to recall through an ongoing conscious, prayerful meditation the essential unity of our beings which rests upon a healthy inter-dependence and mutual cooperation. As long as all organs in our body work in a mutually supportive and sympathetic association, we remain in good health. The moment there is a hostile reaction in any part of the body, impaired functioning results in the development of disease. The zikr of the restoration of harmony, regularity, cooperation would be the invocation of the Divine Names, ‘Ya Mu’id’(The Restorer) ‘Ya Jami’ (The Gatherer).
For this new lunar month let us focus on the Divine Power to restore unity and harmony to our fractured world and scattered beings. I suggest reciting this pair of Divine attributes 101 times daily with special attention to a spiritually magnetic pulling-together of that which is falling apart in ourselves and in our world. The verbal recitation can be followed by a fikr of eleven cycles of breath, breathing out Mu’id and breathing in Jami.
with loving blessings

The Akido Moment

Healing e-class
2017 Class #3

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being
United with All the Illuminated Souls who Form the Embodyment of the Master –
the Spirit of Guidance

“… if by being on one’s guard, instead of resisting evil one would only slide
it over, it would run away by its own force.” (Inayat Khan, Vol. XIII, Gathas:
Everyday Life; Gatha II; part VI)

In the Hindu tradition, the god Shiva, also represented as Kali, is the
destroyer who clears the way for new creation. Many of us chant and dance “Om
namo Shivaya!” and joyously call on this sacred energy of transformation. In
the Sufi tradition, the energy of destruction is described as chaotic. Though
it can “shake things up” to allow room for innovation, we are warned that its
continuation is destructive………. continued and can be found in Resources under e-classes.



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