The Time Release Love Zikr Capsule Meditation

The Time Release Love Zikr Capsule Meditation

While sitting comfortably, with a sense of lift to your body, feel the sensations of your feet on the floor, your back against the back rest and your hamstrings on the seat of the chair. If your mind begins to be entertained with a thought other than these three points slowly steer your attention back to your feet, back and hamstrings. Stay with this intention for a minute feeling these three points and notice what, if anything, begins to change.
Next, slowly say the Love Zikr, “Ishq Allah Mahbud Allah,” three times. Feel the sensations, feelings, and thoughts created by reciting the Love Zikr, and using your imagination place these vibrations into a time release capsule which you drop into your crown center. (A “Love Zikr” time release capsule is similar to the Alka-Seltzer time release cold medicine capsule that you can buy at the drug store.) Feel the gravity of the earth pulling this Love Capsule slowly down through the crown center into the root of the third eye, the space behind the eyes where the pineal gland and pituitary gland reside. Notice what changes, if any, occur as this Love Zikr time capsule slowly descends into the root of the third eye.
Now, pay attention as this Love Capsule continues to descend down past the back of nose, mouth and enters into the area of the throat center. Again, what is it you are feeling as this Love Capsule descends and comes to rest in the throat center?
As this Love Capsule begins its decent down toward the heart center, stay with whatever feelings are being revealed to you, and as the Love Capsule comes to rest in the heart center, bring all your awareness to feeling the response of the heart to these phenomena.
At this point the gravity pull of the heart is pulling the Love Capsule deeper into the heart, on into the inner chambers of the heart. There is much being offered here, so stay in the inner chambers for a while feeling this transition. Continue to stay with the Love Capsule as it moves ever deeper into the inner chambers of the heart.
Hazrat Inayat Khan has said, “The heart is a cover over the soul.” At this time, begin to feel the gravity of the soul pulling the Love Capsule from the depth of the heart into the domain of the soul. Deeper and deeper, the Love Capsule moves, slowly dissolving into the love of the soul.
Now, if you have the time, do this whole meditation three more times, and sit for a few minutes allowing the intelligence of the meditation to inform you.

by Nur Al Haqq


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