Beloved Lord, Almighty God, Pour Thy Healing Power through My Breath, My Glance, My Thought, My Words, and My Touch. Amen

In order to offer spiritual healing one must have access to the Divine spirit. One might think of this as being in an intimate relationship with the Beloved/God/the Universe. As with all intimate relationships there needs to be communication. If you only call upon the one you love when you have a desperate need you may not have the faith in them to allow their help. You might second guess their capacity. You might turn away at the last minute.

Speaking of prayer, one might find that early impressions or interpretations of the word God keep one from steping forward in a deeper relationship with that which awakens, transforms and heals. In order to offer this class I will use the word God. Please interpret this word to mean the name that you call that which is beyond life, that creates, support and sustains life, and can offer miracles.

Practices to develop an intimate relationship with God: Each day for one moon cycle:
Greet the day

Greet the Beloved / God – you might even experience a feeling or a yearning in that direction Give thanks, to God, for at least one thing in your life

Ask God, aloud, for something you need at this time
Feel the Divine presence
Say a prayer you know

“Prayer is the most powerful spiritual practice we have.” Pir Vilayat



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Prayer for Manchester and Our World

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Earth Day April 22

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