Life Force, ‘Elan Vital for Balance

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being, United with All the Illuminated Souls,Who Form the Embodiment of the Master,the Spirit of Guidance.


“Balance is the most difficult thing in life to keep for anybody and everybody.  Many times a healer succeeds in curing a patient just by showing him or her some practices by which the patient can attain balance.”   Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

The development of magnetism is essential to the healer. One way of looking at magnetism is to see it as life force, élan vital. Our practices provide tools for collecting, preserving and radiating magnetism as healing presence.

Each element possesses its own form of magnetism that can also be felt as energy, and expressed as an orientation to life. For example (and each of us has his/her own experience – so these are examples, not definitions) Earth = solidity or stability; Water = creativity or momentum; Fire = passion or inspiration; Air = adaptability or interconnectedness.

Meditation on each element will bring a realization of your own experience of the expression of these energies, how they are contained within your being, and how they are expressed in healing.

As you do the element breaths feel, on the inhale, how each form of magnetism is collected in your being. On the exhale, sense how the energy is radiated from your being, and how it may be directed. Between the inhale and exhale, pause a moment and sense the balance point, the fulcrum if you like, between the here and now of your being, and the everywhere and always – the divine source of which these energies are an expression.

You can proceed to the Ether breath, in which the forces are balanced in harmony, again pausing between the in and out breaths to experience the balance between your corporeal being and your eternal being, not as separate, but balanced and harmonious.

Close with the prayer Nayaz, spoken from your eternal consciousness. 

Beloved Lord, Almighty God

Through the Rays of the Sun

Through the Waves of the Air

Through the All-Pervading Life in Space

Purify and Revivify Me 

And I pray

Healing My Body, Heart and Soul.


Thank you Sarmad


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