HEALING THE HEALER: Stress Reduction and Self-Care

with Eileen Alia Yager, MD, FAAP

Beginning September 30, 2017

This yearlong online course will consist of 12 monthly classes about stress and how to deal with it in your professional and personal lives. Scientific studies and spiritual/psychological insights will be included. Each month there will be 2 practical exercises for stress reduction/self-care. A partial list: breath practices, short meditations, gentle yoga postures, guided imagery, empowerment, and general tips for reducing stress. At the end of the year you will have a better understanding of the causes of stress and burnout. You will also know a variety of techniques – spiritual and practical – to help in your professional, personal and family life. Participants will be able to email Dr. Yager with questions, and, if indicated, she will connect by phone or Skype.

BACKGROUND OF TEACHER: Dr. Eileen Yager is a pediatrician with 48 years of experience in academics, medical education, and patient care, at UCLA, University of New Mexico, private practice in California, and now, at University of Colorado. She is Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the U of CO School of Medicine and is Director of the Integrative Pain/Symptom Management Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She treats children and adolescents with chronic pain, and with stress related symptoms.

She is a senior teacher of meditative spiritual practices in the Inayati Order,( a Universalist Sufi group) and a senior teacher of meditative healing practices in the Sufi Healing Order. She also teaches Jewish meditation including Jewish and Kabbalistic healing practices.

FEE: $180 for 12 monthly classes ($15/class)

“I look forward to sharing helpful information about stress reduction and self-care to make your busy life more balanced and enjoyable!”

“If you are a health care worker or have a stressful job, these practices and tips can help prevent (and treat) burnout.”.

Eileen Alia Yager, MD

Contact  or  518 505 0091 if you have questions.

Six month Distance Learning with Devi Tide  Time on Saturday the 30th to be determined

Registration is open.  Training begins September 30, 2017   Time to be determined
Teaching of the Sufis, Yogis and the wisdom of
great teachers of healing, with an emphasis on the teaching of Sufi
healing on breath, magnetism, the heart, the essence of life, sound, and light

Ushi Darena  206 297 1719
If you have questions about the class, contact me at 
Warm Regards, Devi

The Awakened Healer


An Experiential Distance Learning

offered by Devi Tide



The Awakened Healer is a 3 Phase multi-media training in healing.  Each Phase is 6 months long.  Its purpose is to develop the innate capacity for healing that resides in each person.  You register for one Awakened Healer session at a time.

The Awakened Healer I:

  • Meditations and other practices to develop intuition and insight
  • Practices to develop your relationship with the source of healing
  • Tools to identify and expand trust in the guidance within you
  • Practices to energize, enliven, and increase vitality
  • Tools to develop a friendly relationship with your self, your life, and the world
  • Meditative and healing practices to open and expand the capacity of the heart

Awakened Healer II:

  • Further development of intuition and insight and practices to expand the capacity of the heart
  • Practices to deepen one’s relationship with the source of healing and to energize, enliven, and increase vitality
  • Tools to further develop trust in the source of guidance within you
  • Tools to make more active your relationship with your self, your life, and the world

Awakened Healer III:

  • Treatment for exhaustion of the nervous system
  • Healing mental and psychological illness
  • Development of physical and mental magnetism
  • Use of voice and rhythm in healing
  • Awakening of consideration
  • Healing through thought
  • Developing the power of the heart
  • The use of rhythm to change the patterns of mind and emotions

From Devi:

Everyone has an innate healing capacity.  The challenge is to actually do the practices and meditations to develop it.  If you do these practices, the material in this training will impart a wealth of knowledge, some coming from the training and some emerging from within you. As a byproduct, you will be able to offer healing to your self, and your very atmosphere will convey a healing presence.

The material comes from the teaching of the Sufis, Yogis, Indigenous wisdom and the wisdom of great teachers of healing, with an emphasis on the teaching of Sufi healing on breath, magnetism, heart, the essence of life, sound, and light.


The Awakened Healer is a distance training using, audio meditations, written material and time with Devi.  You’ll also have a mentor.

It is offered in three 6 month phases, each building upon the one before.

Registration for Each Module:

Early Registration Deadline September 15, 2017

($100 minimum payment, Total cost  $300.00)

Final Registration Date September 25, 2017

(Registration after the early deadline, $100 minimum, total cost $400.00)

Training begins September 30, 2017

Cost:     Payments submitted prior to early registration deadline total cost $300, after early registration total cost $400.

The payments can be paid in 1, 2, or 3 installments on-line at or send check to

Sufi Healing Order, PO Box 1787, Bothell WA 98041

Contact for Registration Form


Questions?  Call 206-297-1719 or e-mail



Register for the SHO Leadership and Shafayat’s 2017 Retreat here:
Location: Roslyn Retreat Center
                    8727 River Rd
                    Richmond, VA 23229
Lodging is not included. Check out airbnb’s and hotels in the area.
We hope to visit the new Inayati Headquarters, the Astana on Sunday afternoon 10/22/17 (Depending upon the construction progress.)
Pir Zia will be joining us for partial days; during both the Shafayats and the Leaders Retreats

Registration fees: Please note that ALL registration include Lunches, Dinners and unlimited snacks and coffee/tea.

Full event Thursday-Sunday $400 early registration until September 1st 2017  Event Begins Thurs 10/19/17 at 4:00pm; dinner served this evening as well as Fri and Sat evening/lunch is served Fri, Sat and Sunday.

$500 after September 1st, $600 at the event

1 day participation $150 (any day) come at 8:30am for Qi’gong; Program to begin at 9:00am

Shafayat only $200

SHO Leadership only $350:  begins at 6:00pm Friday Evening and includes Dinner served at 6:30pm

Few Partial Scholarships available so please inquire:  Qadiri’s email:

or Raqib’s email: For all other inquiries call Devi 518 505 0091




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Register for upcoming Retreat in Richmond with Pir Zia and Devi

Register for the Retreat here: Location: Roslyn Retreat Center                     8727 River Rd                     Richmond, VA 23229 All information is on the eventbrite site:  Hope to see you there  Love, Devi Read More

Prayer for Manchester and Our World

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Earth Day April 22

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