Awakened Healer III

May 1, 2016 six month distant learning

This the most advanced of the three multimedia Awakened Healer courses. It is for those who are deeply skilled, and also grounded in the healing practices. Awakened Healer III focuses on combining the experience of the awakened soul and also a healing presence using: magnetism, breath rhythm and balance, the heart, sound and light.

This class will stretch your current experience of healing and make you more effective as a spiritual healer and in life.

This advanced class is for those who have finished the training in the Awakened Healer II or who have permission. Here are the details. If you are interested in this phase of the Awakened Healer please contact Ushi Darena
If you have questions about the class, contact me at or at 518-505-0091.
Warm Regards, Devi

The $300.00 price has been extended thru May 7th after which the registration includes a registration fee for $100.00 plus the $300.00 course fee.

  • May 1, 2016 - June 27, 2016
    12:00 am - 5:00 pm


Healing for the World

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UN International Day of Peace Thursday Sept 21

Theme for 2017: ‘Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All peaceday/ Using an Invocation Every 15 minutes One suggestion is to participate in a worldwide Invocation Vigil. You are asked to choose a time for meditation (a minimum of 15 minutes). During the selected time please use an invocation of your choice […] Read More

Register for upcoming Retreat in Richmond with Pir Zia and Devi

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Prayer for Manchester and Our World

Inayati Order UK Dear Friends, Last night’s bombing in Manchester UK is a reminder that in tragedy and crisis we may choose to flood our hearts and the heart of humanity with love, compassion and the vision of unity. We ask friends all over the world to pray for those killed and injured in Manchester; […] Read More

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    We cannot exist without your generosity. 100% of your contributions are used for the Sufi Healing Order to spread it’s message and teachings and to support its healing ministry in the world. Read More