Annual Funding Appeal

The Sufi Healing Order NA, P.O Box 1787, Bothell, WA 98041

Dear Friends of the Sufi Healing Order North America:

First of all, thank you for your previous support for the work of the Sufi Healing Order NA.

Healing activities are essential on every level, now more than ever.  Recent events bring our attention sharply to the constant need to develop the natural human capacity for healing.  The Sufi Healing Order NA is dedicated to supporting healers and an ever increasing range of important healing activities.  We continue to provide and develop a variety of training programs for healing skills and attunement, as well as preparing healing conductors, senior teachers, retreat guides, and spiritual caregivers to carry out healing activities in the world such as:

    • Our traveling teachers are available to provide seminars and retreats nationally and receive internationally.
    • Healing Retreat Guide training has graduated more retreat guides this year
    • We continue to publish books and papers and emphasize the integration of ancient wisdom traditions with modern healing approaches.
    • We distribute an international email prayer list bi-weekly, which allows people seeking healing prayers to receive them from healing conductors around the world who have committed to pray for those named.
    • We keep current with a Facebook group and page, which helps people worldwide learn about our work.
    • An annual leadership gathering for all those who serve the Inayati Order in any capacity is sponsored by the SHO NA to support all those who give so much.
    • The SHO NA has created an expanded professionally designed website.    Please visit our website at where you will find access to many healing resources at no cost, as well as important reference works available for purchase

You can give right here    Contribute

Devi continues to travel, bringing our teachings out to the wider world in her travels with the Indigenous Grandmothers, offering our message of healing to such places as the Parliament of World Religions, the NY Climate Change March, large gatherings in Germany, Holland and New York, and to the medical community.

Of course, all our operations require financial support and we are writing at this time to ask you to help us again.  We need your support right now and in the future.  The Sufi Healing Order NA is an independent organization and does not receive funds from any other organization, including the Inayati Order.

Devi Tide from Washington is the head of the Sufi Healing Order NA and Art of Healing Foundation, convener of the Rainbow Journeys & Awakening of The World Project and a member of Grandmothers Circle the World. As the Kafayat (Vice President of the Sufi Healing Order North America), Devi receives a token salary, and is funded mainly by the her workshops.  It is her inspiration,wisdom and experience over many years of devoted service to the Sufi Healing Order that make all our efforts possible.

And the Healing Order as great plans for the future!  Your generous donations create more publications, manuals, distance training opportunities, website access to learning materials and

more international activities in service to the healing of our world.  We are also active in New Zealand and Australia, as well as North America.  Everything we offer, everything we create, is available to you.

Please make a generous donation now by going to the website at and clicking on the Contribute button at the top of the homepage.  On your mobile device, you will click on the button with the little lines on the top right to access a drop down menu.  We also welcome your check in any amount, made to: The Sufi Healing Order NA, P.O Box 1787, Bothell, WA 98041.

Please also consider supporting this vital work by creating a monthly tithe donation, at any level that you can afford.  When you make a monthly donation, you are making one decision rather than multiple choices to send checks.   You may also purchase books and appropriate manuals, attend events, take retreats and bring our teachers to your area for workshops and retreats.

Thank you for your support at this vital time.

Zaynab Kathleen FitzPatrick,

Shafayat and Secretary of the Board Sufi Healing Order NA


Earth Day April 22

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Sunday Evening Prayer Group

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    We cannot exist without your generosity. 100% of your contributions are used for the Sufi Healing Order to spread it’s message and teachings and to support its healing ministry in the world. Read More