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The Sufi Healing Order (SHO) offers a deep understanding of the many layers and dimensions of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

You can get involved by accessing the information on this website, by attending seminars, classes or retreats, by contributing time and money to the work of the Healing Order, and by taking the step of initiation in the Sufi Healing Order.

Taking initiation, or becoming a member of the Sufi Healing Order, offers many benefits, including:

Connection to a lineage of spiritual healing
  • Access to a wider variety of training programs
  • Inner development through regular healing practices and prayers
  • Participation in the growth of an innovative organization dedicated to personal and planetary healing
  • And more!


Membership in the Sufi Healing Order is initiatory and can be offered by Healing Conductors, advanced practitioners called Shafayats, and the Head of the Sufi Healing Order, Keffayat Devi Tide. This is an in-person ceremony that connects the member with the SHO both inwardly and outwardly. Please contact us for more information about becoming a member.

The Sufi Healing Order offers initiation, in keeping with the Sufi Order International’s approach to the spiritual path, as developed by Pir-o- Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan, the founder of the organization in 1910. Inayat Khan developed five activities to express the spiritual message he was inspired to offer to the world:

  • The Esoteric School (initiatory; an individual practice of spiritual guidance)
  • The Kinship Activity (non- initiatory; a service effort)
  • Universal Worship (non-initiatory; a unique candle-lighting service honoring the world’s religious activities)
  • Ziraat (initiatory; a ceremony of inner development)
  • The Sufi Healing Order

Initiation is a ceremony of connecting through the representative of the path with the lineage associated with the spiritual work. Inayat Khan described initiation as “a step in a direction which is not known,” yet something is felt in the heart that draws us toward this connection. One may consider this step carefully, discuss it with other SHO members and the prospective initiator to see whether this is the path for you.


The Sufi Healing Order offers a variety of training experiences. Please visit our TRAINING and LISTING OF EVENTS page to explore your interests and contact the instructor for more information.



Spirituality & Creative Process

August 3 to August 5 , 2018 at Bastyr University Seattle WA Unlock your Power through Joyous Discovery Creativity is a powerful spiritual tool that can liberate love and empathy in ways we have never previously known. Spiritual practice is an effective creative tool that can open space within our beings and lives for astonishing […] Read More

Healing for the World

            In this event Pir Zia Inayat Khan and Sufi Healing Order teachers addressed the important current themes in our lives. The world is struggling right now. Our faith is being tested. There is an impulse to get out and do something, to help bring into being another step in […] Read More

UN International Day of Peace Thursday Sept 21

Theme for 2017: ‘Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All peaceday/ Using an Invocation Every 15 minutes One suggestion is to participate in a worldwide Invocation Vigil. You are asked to choose a time for meditation (a minimum of 15 minutes). During the selected time please use an invocation of your choice […] Read More

Register for upcoming Retreat in Richmond with Pir Zia and Devi

Register for the Retreat here:https://www.eventbrite. com/e/sho-leadership-and-shifayats-2017-retreat-tickets-36434908793 Location: Roslyn Retreat Center                     8727 River Rd                     Richmond, VA 23229 All information is on the eventbrite site:  Hope to see you there  Love, Devi Read More

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    We cannot exist without your generosity. 100% of your contributions are used for the Sufi Healing Order to spread it’s message and teachings and to support its healing ministry in the world. Read More